First Malaysian Oil and Gas Company to Obtain MS 1900-2014 Shariah Based Quality Management System

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First Malaysian Oil and Gas Company to Obtain MS 1900-2014 Shariah Based Quality Management System

KUALA LUMPUR, 10/3/2016 – Upstream Downstream Process Services Sdn Bhd (“UDPS”), today announced as the First Malaysia Oil and Gas Company to Obtain MS 1900-2014 Shariah Based Quality Management System. The Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) Certificate Presentation ceremony between MBR and UDPS was held in the office of MIDA in Kuala Lumpur on 10th March 2016.

For the signing ceremony, UDPS was represented by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO/MD), Haji Ahmad Komarolaili Abu, whilst MBR was represented by its Director of Operation, Mr Christopher HW Wong. The Certificate Presentation ceremony was witnessed by YB Dato’ N Rajendran, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and Puan Khalidah Mustafa, Managing Director of SIRIM QAS International.

The MS 1900:2014 (Shariah compliance Quality Management System is based on well known ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) which regulates the management systems and procedures with additional shariah and Islamic perspective and obligation to the holistic management system, in line with the Malaysia as a develop Islamic Country.

“We are very honoured with the certification issued by SIRIM and subsequent recognition from MBR to UDPS. Being a service company, this certification is a key component for our continued success and having good corporate governance” said Ahmad Komarolaili Abu.

UDPS has being an operation and maintenance services provider to our client. The good besides of Pengerang development progress, give an opportunity for UDPS to upscale its capability to be part of service provider to support potential future business development. In the next 3 years, industry demand increased and may shortage of established services provider. There will an opportunity as UDPS are ready for the requirement and current investment and development aligned with Malaysia Economy Transfer Program (METP).

The development is separated into 2 phases; the Phase 1 of development is called Integrated Mercury Facilities and consists of Mercury Mapping & Baseline Survey, Mercury Training & Consultation, Mercury Decontamination Process, Mercury Surveillance and Mercury-in-Water on-site Treatment and Mercury Laboratory. Thereafter for the Phase 2 development of Mercury Recovery Facility, the construction will start by end of 2016 and the completion is expected to be in 2018 and supported by partners and principal contributed to the successful of the development.

“We have reached an understanding with an overwhelming support from Government Agency, MIDA, TERAJU and local authorities and partners which allows UDPS to grow in tandem with the development on the Integrated Mercury facilities. The main objective is to create new economy which is its can be impact to local business, employment opportunities, encourage expertise oil and gas and local competent and contribute corporate social responsibility (CSR)’’ added Ahmad Komarolaili Abu

About UDPS
Upstream Downstream Process Services Sdn Bhd (UDPS), founded in 2004, is one of the largest service and asset company in the Malaysian oil and gas industry for the Integrated Mercury Services, Integrated Catalyst Change Out and Integrated Water Injection Services. UDPS main business includes Supply Chain Management such as Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE), Cargo Handling Equipment (CHE), Trading Equipment Rental, Warehousing and Rental of Special Oil and Gas Equipment.

Currently, UDPS operates from Kemaman, Terengganu with branch offices in Kuala Lumpur, Labuan, Bintulu,Tok Bali and Pengerang and employed nearly 100 persons