Regulatory & Government Affairs


  • To identify focus areas relating to government policies and regulations affecting the gas industry
  • To produce proposal & papers on MGA’s positions on government policies and regulations
  • To develop & execute government engagement plan in coordination with Advocacy Working Committee
  • To periodically report to MGA Council on planning, progress, highlights and issues
  • Zahid Osman

    Advisor (MISC)

  • Rick Ramli

    Leader (Boston Consulting Group)


  • Gas Malaysia Berhad

    Azlan Mohd Kordi


    Shazly Ramli


    Farrah Fazlina Mustapa

  • Boston Consulting Group

    Stefanie Khaw

  • Lloyd’s Register

    Ng Sheng Wa


    Adlan Arshad

  • Malaysian Gas Association

    Rosli Khairon

Focus Area

Adoption of market-based gas pricing

Fostering competition in the gas supply sector

Promoting gas as a feedstock fuel

Hard and Soft Infrastructure / enablers requirements

Positioning Malaysia as a global gas hub

Safety / environment / sustainability