• Promote business networking and collaboration

    To organise activities that facilitate networking among members and stakeholders involved in gas related activities

  • Enhance public’s understanding on gas

    To enhance understanding of the general public on the role and uses of gas as a clean, safe, and efficient energy

  • Disseminate industry information and insights

    To provide a platform for thought leadership and to produce and maintain gas related information, insights and statistics on the gas industry

  • Advance knowledge and learning

    To advance knowledge and learning across the gas value chain on the safe, efficient and sustainable use of gas among members, gas professionals and students

  • Advocate for gas-related issues

    To be the advocate for gas-related issues that are the priorities of members and the gas industry and to contribute to the development of the associated legislation, policies, and/or standards

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IndoGas 2015
IndoGas 2015
27 January 2015
The 7th International Indonesia Gas Conference & Exhibition will be held from 27-29 January 2015 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia. Read more...
GASEX 2014 Conference & Exhibition
GASEX 2014 Conference & Exhibition
18 November 2014
The 13th Gas Information Exchange in the Western Pacific Area (GASEX 2014) will be held at the AsiaWorld Expo in Hong Kong from 18-20 November 2014. Malaysia is a member of this 15 member grouping, through MGA. Read more...

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